References – Stefanie Karrer


Find here some quotes from my reference letters and feedbacks. If you’re interested in reading the complete reference letters and get all information about my degrees, please send me a message!



Stefanie is a very engaged und active employee, delivering results in a very high quality even under pressure. She was devoted to her work and demonstrated great understanding and structuring of the various tasks that have been assigned to her. Her open and candid personality as well as her excellent communication skills helped her to easily access people and gather relevant information in due time and quality. Her considerable language skills significantly helped to deliver highest client experience in trainings and education sessions.

In summary, I would hire Stefanie again, and would recommend her without hesitation.

Client – Project Leader



I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Stefanie Karrer for the past 6 months in the scope of our project, where she was instrumental in ensuring all loose ends were tied in an orderly and efficient manner. Stefanie brought herself up to speed – in a to her unknown environment/topic – within a very short period of time, enabling her to deliver results early on. Besides her consistently joyful spirit and positive attitude – which brightened our project team and supported her in winning the empathy of her training participants – the work Stefanie delivered was to our complete satisfaction. I would be pleased to work together with her again in the future.


 Client – Business Project Leader Portfolio Management



Stefanie is very analytical in her approach, and added very valuable input to our project and deliverables! She demonstrated exceptional client management skills, and was able to form a relationship with the client – who can be very demanding. The client insisted on staffing Stefanie, which shows that Stefanie continuously exceeded the clients expectations!
It was a pleasure working with Stefanie!

Helmut Rattenberger (Senior Manager), EY



…Keeping the overview was a challenging task as the base from the client side was not solid and she was not able to build on it. She nevertheless, was able to always provide a detailed overview. I see the main reason for her good work due to big sense of responsibility to deliver always on time as well as her ability to connect quickly on a professional level with the client. She further brightened-up the team spirit with her very appealing nature. With her help we were able to successfully keep the deadline and ensure the required quality. I would definitely like to have her on my team again.

Christian Oberholzer (Manager), EY



I had the pleasure to work with Stefanie on a strategic initiative targeting the business development of the private banking sector.
Despite the fact that Stefanie wasn’t officially appointed to that specific project, she didn’t hesitate to offer her help as she saw we were under intense time pressure.
Stefanie immediately understood the fundamental problem we were trying to solve and started quickly to share her very valuable point of views.
Stefanie’s particular background is an incredible assets, as it allows her to see thinks people normally don’t see, to tackle problems in innovative ways and to challenge ideas which are normally taken for granted.

Andrea Canonica (Senior Consultant), EY



Stefanie is a very quick and thorough learner; in no time she was able to establish and manage many interdependent and complex tasks over a wide span of processes.

Client – Stream Leader



Stefanie is very passionate, enthusiastic and result-driven in her work, as well as being a great team player and team leader. Thanks to her positive personality and capability to work in teams she has always been appreciated by clients and co-workers. With her conscientious and responsible work she always preserved the interests of our company and enjoyed our full trust. She accepted new complicated tasks and duties for which she did not always have knowledge beforehand and solved these to our fullest satisfaction. 

Philipp Bolliger (CEO), Koubachi



I can recommend Stefanie as a very intelligent and hard-working person who is always ready  to take on a challenge.

Prof. Dr. Peter Edwards (Chair of Plant Ecology), ETHZ



Stefanie planned and organized her work very well. She was very active and motivated to do an above-average job, which she managed in the two projects with us. … She did her statistical analyses very independently, something that most students find very difficult, and she also showed that she has good writing skills. I have no doubt that the results of both her projects will be published in scientific journals.

Dr. Harry Olde Venterink (Supervisor), ETHZ



Wir durften Stefanie Karrer als engagierte und kompetente Mitarbeiterin kennenlernen. Sie arbeitete sehr selbständig, pflichtbewusst und zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit. Durch ihre freundliche Art wurde sie von Auftraggebern wie auch von Promotoren sehr geschätzt. Eine gute Organisationsfähigkeit zeichnen sie ebenso aus wie eine speditive Arbeitsweise und große Motivation. 

Gaby Gailloud (CEO), Trademotion GmbH