Research projects – Stefanie Karrer

Research projects

Within my master degree, I participated to three research projects abroad:


09/2009 – 07/2010

Master thesis at the ETH Zurich in collaboration with the UnB, Brasilia (fieldwork in Brasilia from 01/2010 until 05/2010).

Title: «The role of phosphatase activity in alien plant invasion in the Brazilian Cerrado»


06/2009 – 09/2009

Semester thesis at the ETH Zurich in collaboration with the Saadani National Park, Tanzania (fieldwork in the National Park from 06/2009 until 08/2009).

Title: «Herbivore dung production and decomposition in a humid Savanna, Tanzania»


02/2009 – 05/2009

Semester thesis at the Social and Industrial Ecology Unit of the University in Zurich in collaboration with the ETH Zurich and the UNIBOYACA, Colombia (fieldwork in Tunja from 02/2009 until 04/2009).

Title: «Assessment of the influence of dry and wet conditions on drift from pesticide application in a tropical mountainous region in Colombia»




–     Project development and management

–     Fund raising (KFPE/ETHZ/UZH)

–     Organization and coordination of local helpers

–     Collaboration with different institutions

–     Quick learning of the use of new methods, tools and software

–     Adaptation to new work environments and manners